Ross Barlow - Singer/Songwriter

Ross Barlow - Singer/Songwriter

Hi there

My name is Ross Barlow and that's me there in the picture, watching a dog lift its' leg over the courgettes... So who am I and what do I do, I hear you ask?

Well I suppose, if you were to tie me to a chair and shine lights in my face, I would have to say that I am, what used to be called a singer/songwriter and have been for a number of years, although only recently have I released my first album, "Slow Horses". My music style is difficult to pigeon-hole. Acoustic... certainly and there are definite influences of folk and country. There are major (7th) amounts of jazz, snippets of ragtime and smatterings of the blues. Then sometimes you'll get two or three of these at the same time like London buses. You could say I like to confuse the categorists.

So ok, by now you're intrigued and wish to explore my website further, why wouldn't you? So let me invite you to join me as I drink a cool beer at the jazz cafe with Charlie Parker and Jack Kerouac, or possibly you could fill in the lulls in conversation, small talking Greta Garbo. Maybe you could sit with me by the ringside as Jack Dempsey puts another contender on the canvas. Failing that, or as well as that, you could join me for a drink, (or three) with Scott Fitzgerald, or act as a decoy on my escape from vengeful crows. You could help me put an end to "Jack" and I'll even let you finish off my pocket-fluffed grated parmesan. How about sharing my cakes and supping my ale and finally what about standing on the platform waving me off on my one way ticket to glory. All of this and more await you on "Slow Horses"

And if none of this makes any sense to you, I can tell you that the lyrics to all of my recorded songs are on the, cunningly named, "Lyrics" page and that reading this should explain the previous paragraph. You may then be tempted to lend an ear to some of my songs, and so audio samples of three tracks have been made available at the click of a button, in "Discography". (Can it get any better?). In the event of you wishing to purchase a CD, (please God) then "Discography" is also your "go to" option.

All you have to do is turn the page.

ps: You are welcome to contact me by email at

Ross Barlow - Singer/Songwriter